There’s one task that is absolutely critical if you want to have a good day and make your life better. That task is making a list of what you need to do and then doing everything on the list. This may seem like an oversimplification, but it’s actually very powerful. When you take the time to plan out your day, you are much more likely to accomplish your goals.


Hey guys, on today’s video, we’re gonna cover five critical tasks, and how this list is going to make your life, your relationship and your business way better. Let’s go!


Alright, as most of you know, every night before I go to bed, I have an evening routine. And part of that routine is for me to prepare myself for the following day.I wanted to cover one aspect of it, I’ll do a video on the whole routine later, at a later date.


I wanted to cover my five key tasks or five critical tasks, and hopefully to help you in your business, your relationships, your fitness, or even your life like it’s helped me.


Here’s some examples of how I started: Exercise, Read 10 pages of the book, Record a podcast, Turn a video or vlog into a podcast, or even Publish something on Instagram or Facebook. I like to write these tasks for a few reasons like physically writing them with my iPad or on a piece of paper.


Number one, your brain generates four times more ideas while writing, right, that’s pretty awesome. Number two, you’re three times less likely to avoid distractions, when you’re reading versus reading up on paper versus reading on a computer. That’s pretty good, too. Number three, you have a 13% better retention when you hand write something versus type. And four, most importantly, you get to physically cross it off. And that gets your brain releasing dopamine Plus, you get a sense of accomplishment. So that’s where I write it, hopefully, you’ll do the same.


Here’s some examples of the key lists or tasks that I put on my daily thing here: read at least 20 pages of a personal development book, that’s non fiction 20 pages, listen to at least 10 minutes of personal development audio. So anything that’s going to make you better, does that make sense?


Go to the gym, get 60 minutes of cardio and maybe publish a blog post about that, send an email to your whole database. That’s right, I’m talking to you. Record a video, which is the one thing you all avoid. Or maybe just win the day, you know, no one is perfect. And not every day will be won. On a day when you do not complete the critical tasks. Just grab your list and maybe write a big L on the page like I lost this day. No one is perfect. And no one wins every day. Sometimes you have to take the L. Does that make sense?


If you don’t take the L occasionally you can’t have all W’s. Or even if you have to take the L you can still win the week. As long as you win more days than you lose. That’s right, just win more days than you lose. When you win at least four days of the week, you win the week. So that makes sense. When most days in the month, you win the month, win most days in the year. And guess what? That’s right, you’ve won the year.


And winners win often and winners win big. Right? And with big wins come big mindset boosts. How do you feel every time you are able to have a big win? Does that give you more energy, more ideas. It gives you everything. This critical list is a systematic way to win more and evolve into a more powerful person.


For that reason, the same sort of tasks should never remain on your power list forever. Experts agree it takes at least 21 days or longer of consistency to form a new habit to get something that’s like set in stone. So once a recurring item on your critical list, such as reading at least 20 pages of the book becomes a habit, it’s time for you to take it off your list. This frees up a sort of new vital task to be added to your list. And this will create even more power results for you in the future.


Hopefully this helps you and if you have any questions you guys know you can always reach out to me anytime. You can call me Text me, email me whatever works. I’ll see you soon. Thanks!

Aaron Cuha
Author: Aaron Cuha

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