Today I’m going to cover the seven C’s of real estate and why they’re so important.


It’s very common for my clients to get stalled or get distracted or things happen. And when things happen in real estate, we tend to push off everything else. Does that make sense? So I call the seven C’s. And they’re the key principles that I teach, to get you to the next stage. And once you can do these things, we’re going into marketing, and we’re going into team building, and we’re going to the culture we’re going into all different things once these things are covered.


The first is Calendar, everybody knows that your calendar is super important. But what most people don’t realize is the time block, they put some things in their calendar, and then they allow distractions. They just allow distractions to happen. And then when those distractions happen, things get bumped. And they’re not reprioritizing, there’s an old quote, and that quote was, “Don’t prioritize what’s on your schedule, schedule your priorities.”


So, If your priority is to prospect, then you guys need to know that prospecting comes first, if something’s important, and it bumps it, like a listing appointment, that’s fine. Prospecting may need to take the place of something else down the day. So if later in the day, we’re working on systems, and that’s a four and you’re prospecting, it’s an eight, systems have to get bumped tomorrow, and maybe it becomes a five. Does that make sense? So you have to prioritize. When you prioritize, your productivity will skyrocket. It’s just that it’s just that simple.


And then you have to schedule breaks. If you don’t schedule breaks, you’ll get burned out. Scheduled days off schedule, you know, 20 minutes here, a lot of people use the Pomodoro Technique where they set a timer for 25 minutes. They stay ultra-focused for 25 minutes. And then they allow any distractions to happen. You know, distractions are a common part of resetting our brain. So if you allow a distraction at the proper time, and then get back in, set timer for 25 minutes again, and get going. If you want more information on that, look up the Pomodoro Technique, I think you guys will love that truly.


The next thing is Consistency. So number one is Calendar. Number two is Consistency. If you’re using your calendar, if you’re prioritizing, if you’re time blocking, you will become consistent as you get consistent, it goes across everything. You’re consistent with your plan. So I’ve got a plan, this is what I’m doing. I’m winning every day by noon, because I’m blocking on my calendar, and I’m prioritizing, I’m consistent on my brand, I’m consistent on my performance, and I’m consistent on my customer service.


Now all of a sudden, you’re making your calls every day that you need to make or are handling returning calls on leads, you’re doing your systems, you’re working on your marketing, you’re working on your social and your videos like this, right?


And then that consistency will create Confidence. And as the confidence goes, you know, your skill set gets better. So confidence goes up, and your mindset gets better. Your self-awareness gets better, your achievements get better. So we got to Calendar, Consistency, number three is Confidence.


Number four is Conversations. This is the key to everything. And I don’t care how you guys do your conversations. I don’t care if you’re sending 10,000 pieces of mail and the phone’s ringing. I don’t care if you’re spending $10,000 a month on Zillow, or pay per click or whatever and the phone’s ringing. Or you’re doing all outbound expireds, FSBOs, you know, circle prospecting absentee owners. It doesn’t matter how the conversations are happening, but they have to happen because you can’t get to the next level without having a conversation.


And the next is Consultations. So it takes a conversation to get an appointment, a consultation, and you can’t have an appointment without that conversation. So, however, you’re going to get there, you need to make it happen. So you’re gonna remember Calendar, Consistency, Confidence, Conversations, and Consultations.


And then number six is Contract. So if you have enough meetings, enough appointments, enough consultations. Now, we’re going to have contracts, it’s a simple numbers game.


And contracts lead to number seven, the most important one, that’s Commissions. You got to get paid. You have to put food on the plate, you have to support your family, and you have to earn a living. And none of this can happen without the other. So think about it, it’s impossible for you to get a commission. If you don’t have a contract that doesn’t exist, it’s impossible to get a contract without a consultation.


You can’t make a contract out of the air and just from nowhere. It’s impossible to get a contract without a meeting, without a consultation. And when it’s impossible to get a meeting without conversation, confidence, consistency and a calendar, those are my seven C’s. If you get consistent at those if you get what I would call a six or a seven out of them. I don’t expect you to be a 10 just the six or a seven and get it going. You’ll be moving on to the next stage of your business. I promise.


I hope this was helpful guys. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments down below. I’m happy to help.


Thank you Patrick Ferry for forcing me to do more videos. I appreciate you, Brother.


I’ll talk to you guys later. Have a great day!

Aaron Cuha
Author: Aaron Cuha

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