You’ve just made the decision to become a real estate agent. Congratulations! This is an exciting field with plenty of opportunity for growth. However, in order to be successful in this industry, you need to put in the work. In this blog post, we will provide some tips for new agents that will help them get started on the right foot and become real estate rockstars!


Hello, everybody, welcome to another video with got coach. Today we’re going to talk about what a new agent has to do in the first 90 days.


In other words, what do you have to do in your very first 90 days as an agent in order to be successful? One of the first things that we want to talk about today is Commitment. If you don’t have a commitment to whatever it is, your goal is, you’re never going to achieve it. Commit to the results you desire.


I’m not telling you that you have to work 20 hours a day, seven days a week, I’m telling you, whatever the results you desire, we have to commit to. If your goal is I want to put two or three deals into escrow in my first 30, 60, 90 days, then it’s going to take commitment. You know, I use commitment like this. Commitments like bacon eggs, the chicken was interested, and the pig was committed. So if you’re not all in on whatever your results need to be, then don’t start.


Number two Training. If you’re not going to train, there’s no way for you to be successful. It takes skills to train skills. So, think about that for a second. I sold real estate for 20 something years, I’m a broker in 19 states, I’ve run 100 person teams, I owned a company with 3000 employees. We did skills practice, we did role playing, and we did script practice every single day.


No matter what, it doesn’t matter how big you get, or how small you are. If you’re not constantly working on your skills, somebody else is gonna blow right past you. So you have to do script practice, and you have to train. So, this is how I would do it if I was a brand new agent today.


If I’m going to start today, I want to win every morning. If you win the morning, you win the day. So let’s look at it this way. When you get up at a set time and have a solid morning routine, and you come in you get to work. And let’s say you’re getting to work at eight o’clock every day. For those first 90 days, it’s skills, script practice, and roleplay for the first hour of every day.


Let me make this perfectly clear. If you’re not willing to spend an hour on your skills every day, go be a bartender, go and wait tables, go do something else. Because you have to do this. If you want to succeed. There’s no ifs, there’s no ends, there’s no buts. This is just the way it works. So one hour of roleplay, one hour of script practice. If you need to find a roleplay partner, then get your butt on Facebook, get on lab coat agents, get on agent mastermind, call other agents in your office, it doesn’t matter. Get your wife, but start role playing. Make sure they challenge you, don’t find somebody to roleplay that’s just gonna be like, “hey, yeah, I want to go on that appointment, I want you to lose my $10 million house”. Because that’s not going to happen in your first 90 days. So, find somebody that challenges you. Find somebody that’s going to roleplay with you.


For the next two hours, I expect you to Prospect. Prospecting means calling your database. It means calling your neighbors. It means calling your friends. It means calling past clients. It means calling people that you used to work with. I don’t care who it is, it’s people, you know. Tom Ferry would tell you that it’s a five-five-four, it’s an Hours of Power, it’s five new prospects every single day. You need to talk to five people about real estate, where you capture their information, and you put their information in your database. It’s five people that you know, every single day five people that know you and love you and want to help you. And then five follow ups, those are people that you’re currently working with. Those are people that you’ve talked to already about real estate that said call me back or that I’m going to sell in 90 days or 60 days or buy in 90 days, those are follow ups.


So, it’s five-five-four every single day, no matter what, for your first 90 days. Probably for the rest of your career, but for your first 90 days for sure. Listen, I know it’s hard. I know it’s scary, somebody might yell at you. But the reality is this, if you don’t do it, you better go get a job, you better get used to flipping burgers because this is what it takes to be successful in this business.


The first hour is scripts and roleplay, sharpening your skills. It takes skills to make closings. Number two, two hours of prospecting every day, five days a week or however many days you’re working for the first 90 days no matter what. And number three, one hour of Systems. So, to me, systems is this, It’s working in developing my database. It’s grooming my database. It’s working on my CRM. It’s working on my social media, and it’s recording videos just like this.


Think about this for a second. I have clients that have done their YouTube for one year, one year there and on YouTube generating five leads a week from their YouTube. There’s a client that spoke at one of our events last week. I think his YouTube channel is just over a year old. He’s got 177 videos on his channel, he’s generated $1.2 million from his channel. I think he told us that they met. It was $6,000 a video that he’s getting paid to do videos every time he posts on his YouTube channel.


Think about that. It’s not going to happen overnight. But if you get active in social, you get active in video, you’re constantly working on your systems. You’re constantly prospecting, and you’re constantly making yourself better and practicing. You’re going to be successful at this lesson. This is the odds of being successful at real estate, as a real estate agent is hard. It’s easier to be successful starting a restaurant and everybody knows how crazy that is. So it just takes work. But here’s some good news. It’s not, it’s not hard to do. It’s just hard to mentally do.


You just have to overcome this, you just have to get yourself in that position to where like, I’m going to do this every day come hell or high water. Listen, it took me many, many, many months, sometimes years to get my mindset where it needed to be to do my prospecting every day. But I got to a point in my prospecting, where I knew that for every 20 conversations I had, I was going to set an appointment. I literally would just go 1, 2, 3, 4 on a whiteboard all the way to 20 Woohoo, time to go because I’m gonna have another appointment. That didn’t always happen from one to 20. Sometimes I got 200 and got five appointments in a row. But I knew I was always gonna get there because I tracked my numbers.


Listen, guys, that’s all I’m gonna give you for today. I’m gonna do three parts in this 90 Day series. That’s the first part you have to do for the first 30 days. But if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. If you like what you’re seeing, please subscribe, hit the bell. We’re going to try to do one video a week for the next few months and then hopefully step it up to three videos a week. Thanks, guys! Appreciate you! See you later.

Aaron Cuha
Author: Aaron Cuha

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